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We have a ton of exciting behind-the-scenes content on our Patreon page; from Bradley breaking down the drum intro to "The Island" to some sneak peaks of unreleased songs in the works.

It's all up on the Patreon page; head over there now to pledge -


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Listen to Conversations with the Moon here

We will be having a LIVE stream release party Friday June 19th at 8pm from The 8x10 - *all donations from the livestream will go towards #BlackLivesMatter and #CampaignZero

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Guess what Higher Ed heads?! We’ve created a Patreon Page to offer exclusive content to our pledgers every month! We have two tier options; $10 and $25.

If you choose to pledge $10 per month you will receive weekly drops of exclusive content, early access to new merchandise, access to unreleased music, live soundboards, and private LIVE streams from the full band and individual members exclusively for our patrons! In addition, you will receive a download link to our new EP - Conversations WithThe Moon once it drops on June 19th!

If you’re feeling spicy and want to up your contribution to $25 per month, you’ll receive all of the same things as the $10 tier option plus an original Higher Ed pin mailed to you!

​All proceeds go directly towards investment into the band including new merch, touring costs, van maintenance and much more. We appreciate you all so much, and can’t wait to begin engaging with you on a new platform. Head to the link below to pledge!

Our first post is up and ready for your listening pleasure! Head over to the link in our bio to visit our Patreon and pledge.

Good Vibes & Gratitude,

Higher Education

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